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  • Birth date : 18 avril 1956
  • Registration number in the National Medical Council : 13 1 13 432 2
  • RPPS registration number : 1000 335 32 64
  • Member of the French Society of Phlebology.
  • Member of the European Society of Phlebectomy.


  • Aix en Provence - France

Other Abilities

  • University Diploma in Injection and Filling Techniques in Aesthetic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Paris XXII.
  • University Certificate of Gynecological Aesthetic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine of Paris XXII.
  • Practitioner in Hypnosis, graduated in 2003 from the Milton Erickson Institute in Avignon. Chinese Traditional Medicine, college SFERE - Osteopaths Energéticien.
  • Anti-Aging Medicine.

Lexicon - FAQ

Are you asking questions or understanding about certain terms?

Hereunder, some explantions:

  • Varicose veins: Dilated vein > 3 mm between the skin and muscle.
  • Varicosity: small dilated vein (< 3mm) in the dermis and hypodermis.
  • Phlebectomy: Surgical technique that involves cutting the varix and pick off the skin..
  • Outpatient: That does not require hospitalization , and allows the patient to leave a few hours after surgery.
  • Laser for skin: Light beam having a target hemoglobin of the vessel to be treated.
  • Radio frequency: Endo-venous heat treatment.
  • Endo-venous treatment : Treatment that treats varicose veins of the inner leaving it in place. The primary objective is to reduce the size of the varicose vein to stop the reflux.
  • Conservative treatment: Restore normal blood circulation in treating varicose responsible and concerned.
  • Sclerothérapy: Multiple chemical treatment by injection in varicose vein.
  • Venous echo-Doppler: Non-invasive and painless test that detects deep varicose veins, mapping and studying the direction of venous blood flow.
  • What is a varicose vein?
    • It is a vein whose walls have been stretched by venous pressure. Year after year, the vein dilates, becomes sinuous , visible and can be painful.
    • It is the result of a venous circulatory inversion source of ankle venous hyperpressure.
  • What is a varicosity?
    • This is a small varicose vein that is expanded by the venous hypertension.
  • What are the factors of varicose veins?
    • Varicose veins in the family.
    • Multiple pregnancies.
    • Taking oral contraception.
    • Heat.
    • Overweight.
    • And finally the age.
  • Why should I treat my varicose veins?
    • Untreated varicose veins can lead to complications 3 :
      • The varicose veins can become blocked by a blood clot , it is called a " superficial venous thrombosis, varicose " otherwise known as " paraphlebitis ".
      • The varicose vein may cause a degradation of the quality of the skin of the ankle and leg and eventually result in the formation of a varicose ulcer.
      • Close skin varices can rupture and bleed.
  • Where blood flows when the veins are removed?
    • 90% of venous blood back to the heart through the veins of the deep system (iliac vein , femoral , popliteal and tibial).
    • So only 10 % of the blood drains into the superficial venous system accessory holder of varicose veins that do not work anyway.
  • Once processed , varicose veins will they come back?
    • Varicose disease remains a chronic disease that can not be cured , so it is important to regularly results by annual inspections to prevent recurrence expected according to the degree of fragility of each.
  • How to choose the best treatment for my varicose veins?
    • The best treatment is a compromise between efficiency, conservation of the venous capital , the absence of pain.
  • What is a conservative treatment?
    • It is only the treatment of varicose veins that cause bad circulation, varicose veins only.
    • Non- dilated or those which may return to normal after the treatment are maintained .
  • Should I be treated before pregnancy?
    • Pregnancy can reveal or aggravate varicose help accelerate the recurrence of varicose veins already processed.
    • Treat varicose veins before pregnancy may be indicated for medical reasons ( due to complications of varicose veins during pregnancy) , or to be discussed depending on the aesthetic or medical reasons in relation to the proximity of the next planned pregnancy.
  • What happens to the sclerosing agent that is injected into the varicose veins?
    • Sclerotherapy has a local action at the site of injection and a short distance from this point.
    • It mixes quickly with the blood and is neutralized by the lipids in the blood.
  • May I practice sports after sclerotherapy?
    • Yes, but not very intense . Focus on water sports. Mobilization is recommended after each session.


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Docteur Patrick Helynck

Villa Les cedres, Avenue Montfleuri, 13090 Aix-en-Provence

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From Aix en Provence

Take Avenue Philippe Solari from the city center Drive 900m up and turn left at 2nd traffic light onto Avenue Montfleuri Make 50m and enter the Villa Les Cèdres, 2nd portal left (open).

From the motorway of Sisteron.

Exit Puyricard direction city center Aix Descending Avenue Philippe Solari At 1700m at the 2nd traffic light turn right into Avenue Montfleuri. Make 50m and enter the Villa Les Cèdres, 2nd portal left (open).

Parking in the villa, enter the waiting room through the main door without ringing.