Medical treatments:


The phlebotonic , medicines to improve blood circulation, were all delisted in France because of low and inconsistent effectiveness.

Some people are relieved of their clinical signs such as swollen legs or edema , others are not.

No phlebotonic preventive medicine has proved a real impact.

No medicine cures chronic venous disease today.

Technical textiles:

These products, socks, self-fixing stockings ... are "loaded" into the fiber which constitute active products which are delivered progressively during the day depending on the pathologies under consideration.

They increase the effectiveness of compression protection.


Acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine is used for the treatment of troublesome clinical signs: pain, heaviness, edema with a success rate of about 80%.

Between 1 and 3 sessions are most often useful, easily renewable, with two different techniques that can be associated with each other:

  • Acupressure is the stimulation of acupuncture without needles points with the fingers.
  • The Tuina massage: These are specific massage techniques in traditional Chinese medicine applied to disorders of the venous circulation.

Elastic compression:

Elastic compression is effective on clinical signs such as heaviness and swelling of the legs due to varicose veins.

Compression can be done by tights , self- fixing stockings or socks varicose vein of a class of contention II.

Only the compression of the calf is useful for the desired efficiency.

Everything above the knee is only for aesthetic purposes for women looking to skirt for example.

Treatment of “blue” bruising:

Treatment of bruising , whether spontaneous or in venous disease caused by sclerotherapy sessions can be remarkably accelerated by the application of essential oils ( see further).

The sport simulator Omboxx:

The sport simulator Omboxx

The best preventive treatment of chronic venous disease is a significant regular physical activity in the legs practice.

The sport simulator Omboxx is the ideal concept to encourage and make it really fun practice.

More informations about the sport simulator Omboxx on the website.